Hey everyone! Augusto here. Welcome to my site. Gugz is just one of the many reminiscent nicknames I have had over the years and for some reason it just stuck.

A quick brief on me and who I am would be that my culture is Brazilian/Canadian. I was born in Brazil but grew up in Canada. I had a great childhood growing up eating rice and beans and had a lot of soccer being watched in the house. I also never went without pencils and paper. My parents saw that at a young age I was always drawing or throwing up a sketch on whatever surface I could use. This later translated to me being drawn to the arts.

I went on to University where I began a degree in Arts and Science. I loved the art, mythology and philosophy classes but after one year got more into media and from there went on to Van Arts in Vancouver BC. I enrolled in the classical animation course as I felt within me that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I spent many years in animation and am grateful for the work and my growth in the 2D and 3D departments.

In 2012 I made a huge decision to move back to BC and settled in Kelowna with my wife and family. My true passion has and always will be creating and designing. In 2005 I began to fool around with the digital painting media programs and I began to discover the next level of where my art could go and where digital painting could take me. Really elevating my art to the next level.



I have a few years experience with animating in the 2d and 3d world. I've worked on several TV show productions and have some game design experience. Currently I'm working at Disney Interactive in Kelowna as a Senior Illustrator.

Video / Animation

Check out my painting process and some animation at Vimeo

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